Nylabone Power Chew Easy-Hold Dog Dental Chew Toy


The Power Chew Easy-Hold dog dental chew toy is specially designed with 4 paw grips that fit dogs’ paws and allow for comfortable chewing from any angle. These robust chewing ends stand up to the most extreme chewers, keeping dogs engaged and occupied. Speaking of extreme chewers, this durable dog chew toy is made from tough, long-lasting nylon and discourages destructive chewing habits. Plus, it offers multiple dental textures that help clean teeth and freshen breath as dogs chew. From curbing boredom to rewarding, this flavorful chew toy will entertain your furry friend. Nylabone chew toys are veterinarian recommended and proven to solve a variety of chewing challenges!

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  • This chew toy for dogs is specially designed with 4 paw grips to help dogs comfortably chew from any angle
  • Multiple dental textures help reduce plaque and tartar buildup as dogs chew
  • Robust chewing ends provide long-lasting entertainment
  • Created for extreme chewers and promotes healthy chewing habits
  • Giant chew toy is intended for dogs up to 50 pounds
  • Bacon chew toy keeps dogs happy and satisfied


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