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Cadet Bully Hide Sticks All-Natural Dog Chews 1ea/Large (8 ct)


Your dog will love the big bully taste, and you’ll love the value! Cadet Bully Hide Sticks combine 2 of dogs’ favorite natural chews: real bully stick and premium beef hide. We start with the select top layer of beef hide—the most digestible cut of rawhide available. Next, we wrap it with 100% real bully stick and oven-roast it to bring out the irresistible bully flavor…with less odor! More digestible than traditional rawhide, these chews are rich in collagen and help clean teeth as dogs chew. Welcome to A New Frontier in All-Natural Dog Chews!

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  • Highly digestible, premium beef hide wrapped with real bully stick
  • More digestible than traditional rawhide and less odor than traditional bully sticks
  • Made from only the highest-quality grass-fed, free-range cattle
  • 100% natural—no artificial colors, fillers, flavors, or preservatives
  • These bully hide chews are tested, hand-inspected, and packaged in the USA to guarantee they meet our high quality standards
  • Contains 12 small dog chews
  • Ingredients: Beef Hide, Bull Pizzle, Beef Intestine


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