At GO My Puppy, we know that pets are family. We all want the best for our canine family members as well as a great experience of our own, happiness starts with their health and understanding the early behavior stages of a puppy.

GO My Puppy launched with the objective of offering dog parents easy and affordable access to the advancing science of various genotype testing. In fact, the GO in GO My Puppy stands for genotype, the genetic code of an organism (in this case, your canine).

All of our testing is done with established, licensed laboratories that have partnered with GO My Puppy. You dictate which tests you want to run with your dog’s samples and you control who accesses the results. Your veterinarian can be sent any test results, saving you that extra step and allowing your vet to begin any needed treatment plan before you and your dog have your next appointment.

Our number one priority at GO My Puppy is arming you with the info your need to best care for your dog. We give you peace of mind when you have questions and we help you build the blueprint for your dog’s care throughout his or her life, because, as we know, dogs are family.